Well.. I can do better :D

Si-am si-o leapsa 😀 . Well, here i go 😀

1. Have you ever thought about getting your lip pierced?
Well, not rly 😀

2. Does a kiss make you feel better?
Sometimes .

3. Have you ever passed out on the bathroom floor?
No :))

4. Do you start the water before you get in the shower or when you get in?
Before .

5. What did you do today?
Uhm .. net.friends.tv. and .. homework 8-|

6. Have you ever brushed your teeth in the shower?
No :)) ..

7. Have you had more than 3 boyfriends/girlfriends at the same time?
Not too addicted.

8. Have you ever thought about your death?
Pff, no ..

9. Are you paranoid?

YES, I am ! :))

10. Would you rather be in a permanent relationship or play the field?
Play the field, of course 😀 i`m too young 8-|

11. What is your favorite sport to watch?
Tennis, Basketball and .. 😕 Streetdance

12. What color is your shower curtain?
I don`t have it 😛

13. Have you ever had stitches?

14. How long ago did you hug someone?

15, 16, 17, and 18 are missing .

19. What are you doing tomorrow?

20 is missing.

21. Have you ever given money to a homeless person?

22. Have you ever run over an animal?
Nop .

23. Whats your favorite cereal?
Nesquick 😛

24. Have you ever had an Oreo with peanut butter?

25. What are you doing this moment?
I`m talking with my BF, and listening to music.

26. Would you kiss someone of the same sex for 100 bucks?
:)) .. Maybe

27. Where’s your favorite place to be?
Seaside, but beeing alone.

28. What’s your favorite song?
I`ve got lots of favourite songs .. but that week i heard so much to Linkin Park-Numb ;

29. Are you more of a coffee or alcohol drinker?

30. Have you ever thrown shoes on a telephone wire?

31. Have you ever been skinny dipping?
Uhm .. yes, a long time ago 😀

32. Have you ever climbed up a water tower?

33. Do you dream in black and white?
Yes ..

34 is missing.

35. Do you snore?
N’am de unde sa stiu .

36. Have you ever thought about being a model?
Noo :-J

37. Are you a redneck?
At the moment, not 😛

38. Funniest thing you heard all day?
None 8-|

39. Have you ever gotten a mosquito bite on your face?
OMG :)) Nope !

40. What are you afraid of?

41. What does the 10th text message in your inbox say?
My messages have been deleted.

42. What does the 10th message in your outbox say?
idem 41

43. Do you like someone?
Yes, of course, but it depends what u understand in this.

44. Do they know you like them?
I don`t rly know

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