Future being

To live the moment is to deny hope. To believe that human life can be ruled by reason is to destroy life itself. Oh but to dream of the future, of the fertile ideas and endless possibilities is to turn over the hourglass and start anew. It is to enocounter your forever for the first time in suspended animation. Hope is to cut your heart-strings, to let the dreams swell within it and having the courage to let it be carried away. Hope brings things to look forward to, like the fluidity of wayward outcomes, and the crystal fragility we carry them by. The joy of dreams that come true and the life lessons learnt when they don’t. To obtain this is bliss is to let old aches and pains become misty blue rain drops, and let them fall and fade into the background. Letting emotional tides turn and wash away the anguish. Letting bloodstains from days gone by clean, so they can heal. Letting the past be tucked away and the gift of the present, and the hope for the future be opened. This is a time for letting go, a time for hanging on tight to new beginnings, and letting one day flow into the next. Off the short leash and living for the moment you can see the vast and various trails to travel. A new path to follow, to find a new day, a new time, a new place, a new life. Exploration of the highest order, stands before us. . . Let the long fingers of your dreams grasp onto your reality, and guide you on your way. Live your life, your best moments . Let your dreams guide your destiny .


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